We are Eightmood

Eightmood was founded in Sweden in 2010 by a small group of individuals, all driven by a shared passion – to make modern interior design available to everyone. Combining creativity with the latest interior trends, Eightmood offers stylish accessories for the home, bringing inspiration to life.

Our living environment influences our moods and emotions; particularly here in Scandinavia, where the winter months feel long and cold, and daylight hours are short. Colour, texture and design all play an important role within the home. Our aim is to enrich lives by creating modern home collections to suit every mood, season and setting.

Inspiration is everywhere. From indigenous designs and tribal motifs, to textures of nature and historic styles, our influences come from far and wide. Each season our creative team sets out to define global interior trends, which are formulated and reinterpreted through compelling stories and strong seasonal themes. These stories serve as narratives for each collection of textiles and interior accessories.

At the outset we began with just eight seasonal collections, hence the name. But just as the figure 8 stands for infinity, it has evolved into a symbol for infinite ideas and possibilities. Like the transient nature of design trends, Eightmood is constantly evolving.

Eightmood is the largest growing Scandinavian interior design brand, with partners around the world. We offer an infinite number of solutions for retailers of all sizes, from international chain stores, to small independent boutiques. Whether you’re looking for an entire collection, or additions to your current ranges, we have extensive product development and trend knowledge. In addition, our supply chain management and understanding of the retail sector allows us to provide you with comprehensive solutions to meet all your product needs and bring your concepts to life.

Visit Us

Come and see our collections. Each season we create themed room sets based on current collections within our main showroom. This allows our customers to feel the quality of our products and see our themes come to life.

Eightmood’s head office and showroom is located in Malmö in southern Sweden. A flourishing city, full of diversity and creativity, Malmö is just minutes away from Denmark.  We are also close to Copenhagen Airport, which allows easy access to and from Europe and the rest of the world.

We are based in Saltimporten, a converted salt warehouse that sits on the quay of the city’s docks. This is where our creativity comes to life, and inspiration surrounds us. In addition to fantastic views of our seafaring surroundings and the contemporary, atelier feel of the former industrial space, Saltimporten is a creative milieu; a community of entrepreneurs, designers and retailers, all under the same roof.

Eightmood also has showroom in Bryssel and throughout the US.