Step outside and feel the salty breeze. You can hear the magnificent waves dance their eternal swing. This collection is a splash of seashore inspiration to accompany your lazy summer days bathed in the warmth of a coastal home far away from the noise.

The Swedish sandy dunes and rocky coasts the lend their tones to this series infused with the harmony and simplicity of the wonder of natural habitats. Let your quiet seclusion be embraced in a soothing lullaby of tones characteristic of beach life: from darkest navy to bright yellow, to sun-bleached pastels, washed tones and aqua and seaweed green. Calm greys and white are also important components of this collection.

Nature has shaped this line with ceramics in typical irregular forms, frayed glaze, hand-woven textiles and the typical patina of a glittering seashell. This mood is all about a peaceful oceanic aesthetic.