This collection will make it inevitable to think about sultry, long and tropical summers. Halcyon days with plenty of time for playful activities outdoors, and for long siestas under parasols. Vibrant, flagrant and lively, as well as and tranquil and relaxing. If you surround yourself with aquarelle and patterns depicting orchids, zick zacks, pineapples, whimsical animals and beachy textiles – you will almost be able to smell exotic scents, feel the balmy weather and hear the uplifting summer beats in the background.

We use dynamic hues such as monstera green, dusty pink, water blue and sunny yellow. Summer colours, luscious vegetation and jacquard fabrics together with shiny sequins, metallics and quirky quotes will make you feel energized, carefree and delightfully happy. Livin’ la vida loca in a stylish manner!