In this seasons catalog we started a collaboration with Anna Norrman (of The Norrmans). Anna is a passionate Interior Designer and color enthusiast from the southern part of Sweden.

Anna is often featured on Swedish Television and in magazines. Anna and her husband Lars manage an
innovative Bed and Breakfast in Denmark. Together Anna and Lars have done a huge renovation on the property and put together all the interior styling themselves.

“I love color and pattern and therefore became very happy when Eightmood asked me if I wanted to join in and style the collections for New Verve and Romance Restore. In both collections color and pattern are in focus. When I decorate, I work a lot with color and patterns. Color affects us as people. With the right balance, color and pattern can uplift our experiences in our homes and public areas in very positive way. I found common threads in these collections and placed them in different settings at our Bed and Breakfast. I matched them together with my furniture, the outcome was both fun and beautiful!

More color to the people!”

– Anna Norrman, 2019