Today’s retail world is very competitive. The demand for attention from the customer is still rising. We all know the key to success is to focus on conversion and UPT. Our shop solution is designed with that in mind. With its strong and flexible design it enhances the products and inspires the customer. Eightmood’s concepts are made to create desire. The Shop solution is also not only flexible, but it is easy to change and very durable.

“Product is king” is a phrase that is often used. This solution takes that into consideration and has many different features and details. This will give the product the best possible placement and presentation, to ensure the maximizing of sales.

Retail is detail. Increase your sales by investing in the right solution – EIGHTMOOD Shop in Shop Solution

The material

Our Shop in Shop Solution is designed to fit your store’s everyday need. It is easy to mount and has a reinforced surface to withstand daily use.

The metal is powder coated, to give the units a lustrous finish. Combined with shelves and table tops in anthracite, this gives the units its luxurious touch, which will highlight the products in a perfect way.

All units are made in Germany.

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Large shop

Large shelve

Large table

Small shop

Small table

Placement rack